Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stash Conquest Project Two: The Short Sleeve Portfolio Blouse

I made this blouse using Simplicity 2245 and leftover fabric from this pencil skirt. This was such a fun and easy blouse to make, I can't wait to sew the dress version of the pattern!

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out lizajane's version. I definitely want to try something like that next time around. Absolutely stunning!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Five

Sept 26th - Cheated a bit by wearing a vintage dress on my birthday (still handmade, just not made by me).

Sept 27th - Wore a new blouse I just finished the night before (I'll tell you more about this project next week).

Sept 28th - Wore a refashioned blazer (took off the sleeves) over a Laundry georgette sundress I've had for a long time.

Sept 29th - Office Sundress again, a personal fave.

Sept 30th - Wore my Spring Green Dress for the last day of Self-Stitched-Sept. The weather's beginning to feel very autumn-like lately; I sadly think I may be retiring this one soon. :(

The week of Self-Stitched-Sept is complete!  This month really flew by and I enjoyed the entire process (didn't even mind taking photos of myself every morning, surprisingly enough).  It really gave me a new appreciation of the garment I've made.  Having a few items of clothing you love and feel connected is incredibly satisfying.  And who knows?  Maybe by the time the next self-stitched/me-made month comes around I'll be able accept the challenge wear only the clothes I've made.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday, for my 33rd birthday, I gave myself a bit of a loophole during Self-Stitched-Sept.  I discovered this amazing vintage store down the street from where I work and bought this awesome dress from the 60's.  Best of all, it's handmade and only cost $25.  Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Four

Sept 19 - My Vintage Transition Dress debut.

Sept 20 - Wore my School Days Skirt.

Sept 21 - Pushing the Summer A-line into Fall with boots.

Sept 22 - Wore this skirt (a fave) with my FAIL! blouse (not so much, although it did look better with jeans last week).

Sept 23 - Morning Glory Blouse with a black skirt for the office.

Sept 24 - Warm weather again in the Southeast, wore my Coming Up Roses Blouse with shorts.

Sept 25 - Summer A-line, once again on Sunday. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stash Conquest Project One: The Vintage Transition Dress

I can't give you the details on this fabric.  Well, I do know it feels like a cotton voile, but I don't remember where I bought it, how much I paid for it, or my original intention of what to make with it.

It was a very timely pick for my first Stash Conquest Project due to the color and time of year.  The colors are certainly not summer-y, yet the fabric is light-weight; perfect for a Fall transition in the Southeastern United States.

The pattern is the same one I used for the Vintage Introduction Dress, my new go-to sewing pattern.  My first intention was to make the long sleeve version with the ruffles, but after noticing how lightweight the fabric was I decided to alter to a 3/4 length.  

The full long sleeve version is definitely on my to-do list, maybe even in black, just like on the pattern envelope.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Three

Sept 12 - Day off from work, this eggplant BCBG shirt (bought on consignment) makes my summer a-line look a little less summer-y.

Sept 13 - Back to work!  My Spring Green Dress always receives many compliments around the office.

Sept 14 - Wore this blouse with a black Banana Republic skirt.

Sept 15 - Ha, this is a really weird photo, not quite sure what I was doing here.  Anyway, here I'm wearing a silk shirt I bought on clearance at Ann Taylor for $10 and this skirt.  

Sept 16 - Wore my flutter sleeve blouse with black pants on Friday.

Sept 17 - Saturday actually began to feel like Fall, so I dusted off my boots (yay!) and wore skinny jeans, a cardi from Madewell, and a blouse from the same pattern as my flutter sleeve blouse.

Sept 18 - Remember when I said I'd keep this peach georgette blouse around for when things got desperate during Self-Stitched-Sept? Well, I'm already there with my casual wardrobe. I wore this blouse with Lucky jeans, looking way too dressed up to watch football.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Two

The past week was so much fun, full of traveling (only spent one day actually in the office)! Here's a recap:

September 5th - Labor Day, here in the US we had a day off from work.  I spent the day doing errands and wearing my beignet. I made this skirt for the Colette Patterns Spring Wardrobe Challenge.

September 6th - In the office wearing my blueish grey pencil skirt and a silk shirt I bought on clearance at Ann Taylor for $15.

September 7th - Heading to an overnight work retreat wearing a top from the same pattern as my flutter sleeve blouse.  Shorts are BCBG.

September 8th - got home from the work retreat and about to travel to my husband's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for a wedding. I wore trouser jeans from the Gap and my morning glory blouse for the eight hour drive.

September 9th - In Cleveland.  We spent the day visiting friends and relatives before going to the rehearsal dinner.  There's that beignet again!

September 10th - Last minute running around for my husband, who was the best man. Threw this sundress made of vintage cotton.

September 11th - What I wore on the eight hour drive home.  My beignet was an absolute lifesaver this week!  I definitely need more made-by-me casual clothes.