Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project Planning: The Spring Green Dress

For my next project (the third garment in the Spring Wardrobe Challenge), I’m creating what I like to call the Spring Green Dress.

The pattern is a vintage Simplicity from 1962, I’ll be sewing version one.  I’m planning to use bright grass green rayon for the majority of the dress and add navy bias tape to the edges of the neck, armhole, and cutout in the back.  I’m also planning to add a ruffle to the front just like The Selfish Seamstress’s Coffee Date Dress.  

This is only the second vintage pattern I’ve attempted, but as I’ve said in previous posts, I’m completely hooked!  It’s not just the act of sewing them that’s so much fun, it’s the daydream vintage patterns create.  For example, the person who had this pattern before me cut out version 3.  I can’t help to wonder their story.  Who were they?  When (what year) did they make the dress?   What fabric did they use?  It’s just such a fun way to feel connected to the past.  J


  1. i love your green color! and i agree about vintage patterns, i especially like when the original owner made notes.

    you're right in line with sew weekly's theme, you should post it if you finish this week!

  2. The dress is very pretty, I want to see it finished.
    I also wonder as you, I mean, I have seen uncut patterns and wonder why they never did it.

  3. @oonaballoona - thanks! I wish I could have this finished soon enough to post on sew weekly, but it's just one of those weeks. :(

    @Lizzy - thank you, I hope to have it finished fairly soon.

  4. That is going to be so cute! I am a total sucker for anything with ruffles. I too wonder what story the pattern had before I got my hands on it. I always wonder what their finished dress looked like and where they wore it. :]

  5. @rebecca - thank you and I think we're completely on the same wavelength! ;)

  6. hi ashley! i love the pattern you picked up! its going to be a gorgeous dress - i can't wait to see how the dress is going to turn out:)

  7. The pattern looks like it will make such a beautiful dress, and I love your idea of adding the ruffle. Ooo! That is a pretty spring green color. I can't wait to see the completed project.

    I daydream the same way when working with vintage patterns. It would be so amazing if we could know the history behind each one. I guess all we can do is wonder and engage our imaginations. ;)

  8. @vivatveritas - thank you, it's taking longer than expected, but I already can't wait to wear it!

    @verityclothing - I thought the same thing about the pattern. Sometimes the pattern illustrations can end up being different from the finished product, but I'm hopeful on this one. :)