Monday, September 12, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Two

The past week was so much fun, full of traveling (only spent one day actually in the office)! Here's a recap:

September 5th - Labor Day, here in the US we had a day off from work.  I spent the day doing errands and wearing my beignet. I made this skirt for the Colette Patterns Spring Wardrobe Challenge.

September 6th - In the office wearing my blueish grey pencil skirt and a silk shirt I bought on clearance at Ann Taylor for $15.

September 7th - Heading to an overnight work retreat wearing a top from the same pattern as my flutter sleeve blouse.  Shorts are BCBG.

September 8th - got home from the work retreat and about to travel to my husband's hometown of Cleveland, Ohio for a wedding. I wore trouser jeans from the Gap and my morning glory blouse for the eight hour drive.

September 9th - In Cleveland.  We spent the day visiting friends and relatives before going to the rehearsal dinner.  There's that beignet again!

September 10th - Last minute running around for my husband, who was the best man. Threw this sundress made of vintage cotton.

September 11th - What I wore on the eight hour drive home.  My beignet was an absolute lifesaver this week!  I definitely need more made-by-me casual clothes.


  1. Cute self-stitchiness! I love that morning glory blouse.

  2. Love love love the vintage cotton sundress!

  3. What in the world friend? I knew that you had a blog, but not a fancy blog. Can't believe it took me this long to see it. You are a fabulous seamstress, or sewer, whatever the term is these days. And of course, you look adorable in all your creations. And I have a new found respect for this craft. Just because you are an artist doesn't mean you can sew (meaning, yikes, this stuff is hard). But you are doing fantastic. a pro in what three years, or two? I think the morning glory blouse is my fav. Don't know why. And the green dress. You can really see your personality much more in the clothes that you design then just off the rack clothes. You are AWESOME!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Whitney - thanks for stopping by! ;)