Sunday, September 25, 2011

Self-Stitched-Sept Weekly Recap: Week Four

Sept 19 - My Vintage Transition Dress debut.

Sept 20 - Wore my School Days Skirt.

Sept 21 - Pushing the Summer A-line into Fall with boots.

Sept 22 - Wore this skirt (a fave) with my FAIL! blouse (not so much, although it did look better with jeans last week).

Sept 23 - Morning Glory Blouse with a black skirt for the office.

Sept 24 - Warm weather again in the Southeast, wore my Coming Up Roses Blouse with shorts.

Sept 25 - Summer A-line, once again on Sunday. 


  1. You look awesome! What a feeling of accomplishment. But one thing that is missing from your self stitch collection, knit. Just to be comfy at home. Have you used elastic tread? That makes your waist band, and you don't even have to finish the edges of knit! SOOO easy. Probably not work worthy- but who knows!

  2. @Whitney - thanks! Knits would definitely be okay for my job. The dress code is pretty laid back, along the lines of "just don't wear jeans and don't be stupid" sort of thing. I've always been a little intimidated by knits, but I really should give it a try one of these days.